Today I write and photograph…


Welcome to my newly built back yard deck.

Come sit a spell.

I have been waiting for you to visit

Waiting to serve you a cup of tea or a glass of sparkling raspberry lemonade.

Today it is raining, cold.

The deck chairs are stark white.

Waiting for YOU to add color and excitement to the setting.

Those chairs would be dressed in red gingham cushions, giving you a softened comfort to sit a while.

I would love to spread that white laced table with rose designed china luncheon plate filled with delicious, colorful cupcakes or homemade Red Lobster Sharp Cheddar Cheese biscuits fresh out of the oven.

One of my vintage china faerie tiered serving totems would add the color adorning the center of the table. Her playful personality would add whimsy to the surroundings.

We would listen to the sound of the birds that linger around in that red shrub you can see in the background off the deck and across the grass in my flower/shrub garden.

The fresh spring air would play with our sense of smell, especially if it was blowing from the direction across the street where all the apple blossoms share their fragrance and their beauty.

Words of friendship shared.

Words of encouragement spoken.

Sound of laughter rising.

Feeling of joy, peace and tranquility felt.

The music within each of us harmonizing with the spirit of gratitude.

Heart-to-heart connection.

Belonging. Community. Kindness.

Giving and receiving.

Friendship building from a time of being strangers.

The secrets of being lost in the shadow of the word “alone” being brought into the light that friendship welcomes.

Trust built in just such a time as this.

My today act of kindness and hospitality will linger tomorrow.

For that I give thanks.


Writer & Photographer.

June 15, 2016.


Today I write and…

I have been told that I should be a writer.

I have a gift with words they say.

I have a story to be written.

I have so much to write about today.

They say that words can paint a picture.

They also say that a picture paints a 1000 words.

They have lost me in the shadow of words.

They will find me lost in the shadows of each picture.

When all else is gone.

When no words exist.

When the picture fades.

When will I be done?

Today I will find the words.

Today I will find me.

Today I will lose myself in the shadow of new words.

Today I cannot see the total picture.

So as today becomes now.

So as now I am a writer.

So as a writer I can paint a picture.

So each picture will contain a thousand words.



Light produces shadows.

Lost I will be in the mystery as the words filter through the light casting shadows of hope, encouragement, joy all overshadowed by a heart of thanksgiving.

Fluid flowing words dripping onto the pages leaving their watermark identifying who I am.


I am a Gatherer of Family & Friends…for therein is the Joy of Life was written by Denise as one of her “I am” s.

I am a like spirit with Denise in that way and in many other ways.

I am a creative.

I am an entrepreneurial spirited dreamer.

I am a hidden away treasure.

I am wanting to come out from the shadows cast onto me by the good, the bad and the ugliest of words.

I am breaking out into the light of my today.

I am finding real vulnerability.

I am courageously stepping out from those secret places that had me imprisoned in word boxes.

I am who I am, not whose I became.

I am defined by God as His Workmanship.

I am no longer a slave to their words.

I am free to be me.

I am intuitive.

I am kind.

I am clever.

I am full of mystery, wonder and talent.

I am wearing my heart on my sleeve because my heart overflows with love deposits from my yester-years and I refuse to contain it all for myself because it must continue to flow and keep the flow generating with more love, hope, joy and thanksgiving into the river of life for others to drink from.

I am the author if these words…hence


Today I write and……

Signed Lady Dianne Phillips, Writer

June 14, 2016

BEING lost in the shadow of words … BEING alive for now